I am a contemporary object and jewellery maker who is based near Canberra, Australia.  Having traveled all over Australia and the world as a chef I have been lucky to experience all kinds of environments living in cities and rural areas.


 I am influenced by architectural design, patterns, textures, colour and by the environments I have lived. My creative practice is based in traditional metalsmithing techniques combined with new technology and contemporary design.  At the moment I work mostly in titanium which is a very light metal often used in aerospace industries.  Titanium is very hard, not ductile and difficult to form.  It is challenging for design as it is very hard on most tools, will blunt files and saw blades very quickly.  Exploring this material I am amazed by what it can do.  It is flexible and rigid, both hard and soft.  Some days it is very yielding and on others not.  The grades of material vary across counties often creating a challenge in the matching of material for bending and colouring.  A great deal of my work is hand cut, hand folded and hand coloured.  The designing, cutting and filing takes many hours and then when its all folded up into an intricate form it is always a satisfying and surprising outcome.  Through the exploration of the material I am able to create large forms that work well with the body.  These are then electrolytically anodized to create bright colours.  These colours are blended and combined using different techniques to create vibrant moving architectural colour scapes.


Represented by BILK Gallery, Australia https://www.bilk.com.au/


2018 Yield Bowl Mild Steel Patina and Wa